Raquel’s Dream House

79 Greene Street
New York, NY 10012

May 3–31

Opens to the public May 3
Weekdays: 11-7pm
Weekends: 12-6pm
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Raquel’s Dream House is a month-long initiative proposed by Raquel Cayre that re-examines traditional methods of presenting, viewing and experiencing design as well as its corresponding modes of display. The selected contributors, designers and artists represent Raquel’s ambition not simply to challenge pre-existing models, or even contradict them, but to “abolish their rules by playing with them.”1

Raquel takes up the architecture of 79 Greene Street to pose a question:

What kind of room is possible?
We imagine:

a room that commands
a room that tells a story
a room that defines
a room that quotes
a room that shapes a medium
a room that shapes a support
a room that shapes a subject
a room that shapes a space
a room as state of mind

To quote a line from Ettore Sottsass: “These objects, which sit next to each other and around people, influence not only physical conditions but also emotions. ...They can touch the nerves, the blood, the muscles, the eyes and moods of their observers. ...There is no special difference between architecture and design. They are two different stages of invention.”

An adventure of mixed tenses and reconciled opposites, Raquel’s Dream House coheres in the materia prima of design. Design conceived as an alchemical vocabulary for working and inhabiting. A room as a way of seeing.

we live in glass hOuses
our Vitric surroundings
Putting images
in sPace of what’s inside
everything’s as muLtiplied
As we are.2

1. Daniel Buren, Reboundings, trans. Philippe Hunt, Brussels, Daled & Gevaert, 1977, p. 73.
2. John Cage, Composed in America, ed. Marjorie Perloffand Charles Junkerman (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1994), pp. 16-17.

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Cesare Casati and Emanuele Ponzio
Fernando and Humberto Campana
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Raquel’s Dream House

Weekdays: 11-7pm
Weekends: 12-6pm

79 Greene Street
New York, NY 10012
@ettoresottsass | @raquelcayre

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